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Sound and lighting Rental

Sound and Lighting Rental:

Whether you are having a back yard barbecue, a system for award speeches, or whatever.

We rent the same equipment that fuel some of the top Event Bands in the Midwest.


– $200 – Small Sound System – At 1000 Watts per speaker, we offer 2 QSC K8’s and a mixer.  The setup is tight and light, but at 1000 watts per speaker, this will fill a restaurant or conference room nicely.

– $300 – Rolling Sub Woofer that adds the low rumble you think of when you enter a dance club.  This rolling beast is combined with the 2 1000 Watt QSC K8’s for what becomes a king size Bose system.

– $400 – We exchange the 2 K8’s with K12’s increasing the overall strength of the system, more powerful tweeters and additional mid and low end.

– $500 – We add an additional rolling Sub woofer.  This powerful system is fantastic for indoor and outdoor situations.  Large high ceilings like you’d see at International Market Square, Aria, Union Depot in Saint Paul are no longer an obstacle when posed with this beast.

– $150 – Lighting poles are $150 per pole and are perfect for any situation that could use an energy boost.  One pole will liven up a dark room into a party and 2 poles are better.  The Lighting poles communicate with each other wirelessly and react to sound as though they were being controlled by a DJ.